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For the greatest possible savings, we ask you to format your manuscript into a PDF file and email us the digital format or mail it to us on a CD or floppy disc. In return, we will print and deliver to you, ten finished copies instead of the normal six.

The PDF format allows you to customize and to accurately visualize the layout, including the number of pages for the finished book without any additional customization fees.

To take advantage of this program, follow this link to the guidelines.

Other Acceptable formats

Send us your digital manuscript. Follow these simple guidelines; or contact us for other possiblities.

  • MS Word 97/2000 documents ( all chapters sent as a continuous file inserting a page break only at the end of each chapter)
  • 5.5 inches width X 8.5 inches height ( page dimensions )
  • Left and right margins set at .70 inches
  • Top margin set at .75 and bottom margin set at .69 inches
  • Paragraph indents set at .15" ( left )
  • Full Justified
  • If indented must be formatted, no tabs or spaces
  • Line spacing must be proportional ("single spaced" setting)
  • Use TrueType or Adobe PDF fonts ( include fonts on disk )

Daytona Press can format the text described above for you for an additional $50.00 per hour fee. Custom formatting averages 5 hours.

Pre-proofed and edited; authors are responsible for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Graphics for cover must be included as JPGs and must be at least 300 dpi or more.

Daytona Press can scan cover art and photo at $5.00 each, and add text to front cover graphic at no additional fee.

We can accept your work via email, 3.5 inch disk, or CD.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more infomation.

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*Publishing and Delivery dates are highly dependent upon the degree of completeness, (spelling, grammar and other errors in text, author bio and sales description provided, photo and cover art) and the author's responsiveness in completing reviews and corrections of proofs provided.

Contact Information

Telephone: 386-416-0009
FAX: 386-236-0517
Postal address: P. O. Box 1030 Edgewater, FL 32132
Email General Information: Daytona Press

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