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Yes, we are affiliated with Denlinger's Publishers, established in 1926. If you would like to learn more about our origin, go to about us.

Become an Independent Publisher
Let Daytona Press become your printing service...

What is an independent publisher?

Unlike subsidy publishing, being an independent publisher allows you total control of your book.

If you do not sign away any of rights to your works, you are an independent publisher.

Paying anything for the production of a book being published, is self-publishing. So, consider yourself an independent publisher rather than self-publisher, it adds credibility.

Daytona Press has developed low-cost, author-friendly products, services, and programs to help authors publish their works. Our offerings are ideal for entrepreneurial authors-writers who participate in the publishing process and actively market their books.

You retain all rights to your work when you self-publish.

Our digital printing program enables us to prepare your book and then print your book one at a time, if necessary, as we receive orders. When an order comes in, it's printed and then mailed directly to you or your customer, usually within 48 hours.

When you submit a manuscript for digital or short-run publishing, you typically receive a print galley for review within 2 to 3 weeks. Books submitted to our digital or short-run printing program are automatically listed in the Denlinger Bookstore.

With the ISBN option, our service will make your book available worldwide books through the Bowker's Books in Print database and through thousands of on-line bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Bowker is one of the largest book databases in the world, making it easy for bookstores to place orders for quick delivery. You have the option of using your own ISBN, or we can provide one for you utilizing our Daytona Press imprint.

In addition to preparing your work for publication as a paperback, Daytona Press will format an eBook master disk that you may copy and sell. We will also give you a place to sell it.

We offer electronic books in the most popular eBook formats. Customers can read them with:

  • Microsoft Reader
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Compiled HTML for PDAs(upon request)

Self-publishing, was at one point, considered as bad as vanity publishing, but with so many self-published successes in the past few years, it is now possible to self-publish with respect. Publishers Weekly will now look at self-published books, something they would never have done five or ten years ago. "Gone are the days," wrote Publishers Weekly rights columnist Paul Nathan, "when self-publishing was virtually synonymous with self-defeating."

And now with the advent of short-run digital publishing, it's possible to self-publish affordably. Digital or short-run publishing or self-publishing are excellent ways to test the market or find a niche for a book, establish that market, and even build the market to such an extent that an author can sell the reprint rights to a much larger publisher for a possible advance. Many larger publishers now search the Internet for self-published and digital or short-run books that could fit their publishing program. Self-publishing has become respectable again.

Most traditional publishing houses work on an 18-month production cycle. As an independent publisher, if you submit your properly formatted manuscript to Daytona Press, generally we will have a galley proof printed for your final edits within two weeks.

As an Independent Publisher, you are not only the author, but also the artist, composer, writer, editor, typesetter, printer, financier, marketer, promoter, advertiser, warehouser, shipper, publisher, accountant, business manager, decision maker, public relations, legal consultant, and much more!

As an independent publisher, you do all the work, you deserve all the rewards.

As a printing service, Daytona Press does not have time to read or edit your work. We will print any subject matter as long as the independent publisher acknowledges it is not a violation of any other Copyright, nor of any proprietary right; that it is not scandalous, libelous, violative of any right of privacy, nor otherwise, and the independent publisher agrees to hold harmless and defend Daytona Press against any costs, damages, liability or expenses in connection with any claim of any violation of another Copyright or of any proprietary right, or of any scandalous or libelous or otherwise unlawful matter in said work, or by reason of a claim for breach of privacy.

There are limitations.

You are responsible for edits and lay out.

But, Daytona Press can take on some of the responsibilities.

  • Print a galley proof for your final edits.
  • Print one book or a thousand books per your orders, as needed.
  • Receive and ship orders

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Visit us at our HotSpot Coffee Shoppe, a specialty coffee shop and FREE wireless Internet cafe - 1216A S. Ridgewood Avenue (U.S. 1) - Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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