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PDF (Adobe Acrobat®) GUIDELINES

For the greatest possible savings, we ask you to format your manuscript into a PDF file and email us the digital format or mail it to us on a CD or floppy disc. In return, we will print and deliver to you, ten finished copies instead of the normal six.

Better yet, if you have a few hours to spare and are in the neighborhood, stop by our coffee shoppe and have a cup of coffee on us while your books are being printed.

The PDF format allows you to customize and to accurately visualize the layout, including the number of pages for the finished book without any additional customization fees.

To take advantage of this program, follow these guidelines.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, a free solution is CutePDF™Writer1, which is a printer driver to turn your files into a .pdf format. You may download it from:

After you install it, you will have a new 'printer' in your computer. This virtual printer 'prints' your files into a pdf format. So just print your files into this printer, and save the pdf files into a folder. These are the files you will send to Daytona Press.

Before you convert your book into a .pdf file, you need to prepare your file on your word processor.

1. Regardless of which word processing program you use to format your book, make sure you customize page set-up settings as follows:

  • Paper Size:
    • Width 5.5"
    • Height 8.5"
  • Orientation of the paper:
    • Portrait
  • Margins of the paper:
    • At least .75" all around is optimum, although .5" can be used if you desire fewer pages. However, .5" is very close to the spine when the book is opened.

2. Use a single section for the entire book. Do not separate the chapters in different sections. If you do use more than one section, make sure that all of them have exactly the same settings.

3. If you have any graphics, make sure you convert them to .jpg format before you load them into your book. This will reduce the size of the graphics and the size of the file itself. Our process will not print in color. If color is required, this will be a custom job.

4. At the start of a new Chapter, make sure that the Chapter heading style has a Page Break Before Page option selected. If you don't know how to use Styles, click on the Help button of your word Processor.

5. Do not hit enter at the end of any line until you are ready to change paragraphs.

6. If desired, the book title in small font centered in the header. Use the automatic page numbering in the footer. Do NOT number your pages by hand.

When you are ready to turn your book into a pdf file:

1. Make sure that the settings for the pdf printer are the same as your word processor (5.5” X 8.5”). This will insure the best quality for your book, and the proper size for the file.

Then just print your book into the PDF driver.

After your book is turned into a pdf file, make sure everything looks right. If you like the results, email your files to the Acquisitions Department

Prepare your cover following these specs.

1. Regardless of which program you use to format your cover, make sure you customize page set-up settings as follows:

  • Paper Size:
    • Width 14.0"
    • Height 8.5"
  • Orientation of the paper:
    • Landscape
  • Margins of the paper:
    • While full bleed covers are possible, sometimes a .5" margin might be desirable.

Measurements are from the leading edge, right side, of cover (see sample pdf file).

  1. From leading edge, front cover art should be 5.5" to the spine.
  2. Spine measurement should be approximately 0.002" times the number of book pages.
  3. Back cover measurement is now 5.5" wide... Leave 0.75" between spine and trailing edge as margin. which leaves an area of approximately 7.5" by 4.0" for data and barcode.
  4. Barcode measurement is approximately 2.0" by 1.25".

Or we can accept your work on 3.5 inch disk or CD delivered to:.

Daytona Press
1216B S. Ridgewood Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

See Frequently Asked Questions for more infomation.

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*Publishing and Delivery dates are highly dependent upon the degree of completeness, (spelling, grammar and other errors in text, author bio and sales description provided, photo and cover art) and the author's responsiveness in completing reviews and corrections of proofs provided.

CutePrinter is an independent provider with whom we have no relationship.

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