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Daytona Press Author Services Agreement

This Agreement is between Daytona Press and __________________________ for the work entitled _______________________________________ said parties entered into this Agreement on this date ________/________/________; whereas, the author who wishes to independently publish the work, grants Daytona Press the non-exclusive right to advertise, take orders for, print short runs, ship, and collect all monies for the work. Daytona Press agrees to submit a statement for sales which shall be rendered as of June 30 and December 31 of each year and that settlement will be made within ninety (90) days of those dates.

Any reference to ISBN and / or Bookland EAN barcode is for purposes of sales to outside organizations and bookstores who have the requirement for such.

Daytona Press will (upon receipt of a signed Agreement, acceptable files, and payment):

1) assign a Daytona Press ISBN and submit the title to the "Books in Print" database, as a $50 option.
2) submit information about the book to Third-Party booksellers such as and distributors in conjunction with item 1. Daytona Press is not responsible for how these parties handle submitted information.
3) create a barcode for the back cover of ISBN books (necessary for bookstore related sales).
4) enter the book into our "InstaBook" system so that we may print it.
5) create web pages for the book to sell on our web site, and or
6) design a simple cover, from graphics submitted by author, for our perfect-bound cover process.
7) pay the author a 40% royalty on retail sales (when the consumer buys the book directly from Daytona Press at full retail price).
8) pay the author a 10% royalty on wholesale sales. Daytona Press retains the right to establish the wholesale price to purchasers, resellers, bookstores, book clubs, etc.
9) not be held responsible for any editing, spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, style of work, page numbering, or corrupted files, and the like.
10) reserve the right to reject any work for any reason, at any time.
11) reserve the right to market the work, using methods it deems appropriate.
12) mail a royalty check/statement within 90 days of each semi-annual period ending June 30 and December 31.
13) issue royalty check only for amounts greater than $20. Royalties will accrue until the $20 level is reached.
14) endeavor to care for and return, manuscripts, photos, or artwork, but will not be held responsible for loss or damage of such material.
15) issue a Form-1099 as required by the Internal Revenue Service only for royalties exceeding $10 in any year.
16) not be responsible for, but will make every attempt, to forward author's correspondence not originating from Daytona Press.
17) suggest a retail price, currently based upon the number of pages times .08, rounded to the next .95 price point.
18) pay the author .75 cents for each dollar added to our suggested retail price, for books sold directly by Daytona Press at full price. For wholesale sales, a wholesale royalty percentage will be created which will include 10% of the suggested wholesale price (40% off suggested retail) and 45% of each dollar added to the retail price. This royalty percentage will be applied to all wholesale sales.

The Author:

1) agrees to pay Daytona Press a one-time fee of $250 for the base set-up fees, plus any additional fees for options chosen by the author. Also agrees to pay $5 per photo or illustration that Daytona Press must scan for inclusion in the book (original graphic no larger than 8.5 X 14 inches).
2) may purchase completed books at 50% off suggested retail price or $.05 per book page whichever is less. Price per page shall remain in effect for a period of one year from date of this agreement. All pricing, subject to change, as production and material costs change.
3) ALL Non-U.S. authors must pay an additional $50. Non-U.S. authors will accrue royalties until the $50 level is reached and distributed in accordance with royalty schedule heretofore stated.
4) will send a copy of Copyright Form, if registered, to Daytona Press, after the form has been stamped and returned to you by the Library of Congress (can take up to a year.)
5) maintains that he or she is the sole author and owner of the copyright and all of the contents of the work and has full power to enter into this Agreement, that he or she has not engaged in plagiarism with respect to the work and that any material copyrighted by others and contained in the work will be so noted, and a copy of the writer's permission by the author or authors must be enclosed in the work.
6) guarantees Daytona Press that the work is accurate, is not in violation of anyone's privacy, is not injurious, obscene, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise a violation or infringement of any federal, state, or local law, statute, or code, and further agrees to hold Daytona Press, its employees, directors, shareholders, representatives, heirs and assigns, harmless for any damages resulting from any litigation resulting from publication of the work.
7) further guarantees Daytona Press that the work, if fictional, is not based on any actual events, places, or persons, living or dead.
8) agrees that Daytona Press shall not in any way acquire ownership of the work. The author is free to pursue any and all publishing ventures, and agrees that Daytona Press is only providing services limited to the advertising, sales, and printing of the work and assumes no responsibility for editing, misspelling, rewriting, page-numbering, indexing, reviewing, or any other errors in the work.
9) understands that any changes that are made to the book (once submitted to us) that are no fault of Daytona Press, will be made solely at the author's request and expense. Daytona Press charges a $30 minimum fee or at a rate of $50 per hour for text edits, spelling corrections, and the like.
10) reserves the right to terminate this Author Services Agreement for any reason, at any time, providing that notice is communicated only in writing to: Daytona Press.
11) will provide a Social Security Number as required by the Internal Revenue Service, so that Daytona Press could issue a Form-1099 if necessary.
12) by signature below ratifies all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

General Provisions:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, USA. All monetary transactions will be in US dollars only. This written Agreement contains all the terms and conditions, and supersedes any other agreement, oral, written, or otherwise construed as a prior agreement between the author and Daytona Press. This Agreement cannot be appended, changed, modified, word or words added or deleted except by the mutual written agreement of the author and Daytona Press; and further, is binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns of the author and Daytona Press.

_______________________________________ Title of Work (as it will appear on the book)
_______________________________________ Sub-title of Work, if any, (as it will appear on the book)
_______________________________________ Author's Legal Name (as it will appear on royalty checks)
_______________________________________ Author's Pen Name (as it will appear in the book)
_______________________________________ Author's Address (where we will mail royalty statements and checks)
_______________________________________ Author's Street/legal Address (where we will ship book orders)
_______________________________________ Author's (daytime) Phone Number
_______________________________________ Author's (evening) Phone Number
_______________________________________ Fax Number
_______________________________________ E-mail Address
_______________________________________ Social Security Number (Required by Tax Code)
_______________________________________ Signature of Author and/or Author.s Agent
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